276 Greenwood Avenue, Grosso's Corner, Bethel, CT 06801 | (203) 748-1002 | bethelneedle@snet.net
The History of Our Store

The store is owned by Eva Donnelly. The store staff includes Leslie, Lisa, and Sue. The webmaster is Jessie.

After several years as a stay-at-home mother and a seamstress, Eva decided to open her own store. A few months later, after location searching, renovation, and supply order, A Stich In Time made its grand opening in April of 2002. At first, only needlepoint and cross stitch supplies were sold. However, the following year knitting yarns and crocheting supplies were brought in by popular demand. In the spring of 2005, A Stitch In Time had its second grand opening after moving down the road from PT Barnum Square to Grosso's Corner. In the summer of 2006, A Stitch In Time stopped carrying counted cross stitch supplies.

It is very exciting when we become a headline in the local newspapers! To the left is a link to a September 2005 article featuring our store. You can save this article to your computer for easier reading by clicking the link to see the full article., and then right-clicking the article and selecting "Save As..." from the resulting menu.

In December 2007, A Stitch In Time was featured on the America's Knitting website. Click here to see our article. Below is an excerpt from the article:
"Bethel is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, about sixty miles from New York City and it is home to Cannondale bicycles, Duracell batteries, Meg Ryan, PT Barnum and a yarn shop called A Stitch In Time! Eva Donnelly is the owner and she has lived in Bethel for 25 years and owned the store for 6 years..."